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Sunday, December 6, 2009
I love having a place where I can totally brag on my kids and dogs, and people can either read it or not! I resisted blogging for a long time thinking it was so dumb, but once I got going, I love it! I just need time to actually POST stuff, which is why I'm playing catch up right now. ;o)

Anyway, here are some pictures and stuff:


"When is this 'big meal' supposed to get rolling, anyway??"

I'm sure Mark's sisters will get a bang out of this picture!! MARK DOESN'T COOK, but he was trying so hard to help me!! Bless his heart!! Doesn't look too happy with me about now, does he?? LOL I think holding something "cookable" was stressing him out...

(This is how Erik signs "more", which usually means, "GIVE ME FOOD".)
"C'mon!! I'm hungry!!!"

I've never in my life seen a child who loves potatoes like this one does!! Here is Reese, with my "Thanksgiving and Christmas only" recipe with manchego cheese (honestly, the cheese cost more than the turkey did, and I'm not joking!!).

Can't leave out our baby!! Daisy LOVES turkey and she even got some ma$hed potatoe$!! I used to be TOTALLY anti-human food for dogs, but I've done a 180 and now I much prefer feeding healthy human food to my dogs than the crap that they put in commercial dog food. Poor Ziggy, he didn't live to reap the benefit of my research and ate dog food his whole life...

I'm only putting this in here because my mother and grandmother would want me to. I told Reese to take my picture because I needed a decent head-and-shoulders shot for my Facebook profile and he got a pretty good one!! I HATE having my picture taken!!

We put our decorations up the other day as I mentioned in the blog post below about our lost stockings (that are still lost...). I know many of you aren't going to be interested in our decorations, but I know my mom and my Gram are always interested in this kind of thing, so I put them in:

Here is Erik, enjoying the Christmas tree. He is being SO GOOD about not grabbing the ornaments, I really am amazed! He just sits and "talks" to the ornaments and lights and is as happy as can be. :o)

Here is just a general area. Nothing too exciting, but I managed to squirrel Mark's huge wooden boat away and into the rec room!! SO nice to have that extra table!!

This little area has an oil painting that I did last year and a little nativity set that I painted when I was about 22. The neatest part of this area is the white doily that my grandma crocheted for me! I like to bring it out only at Christmastime to keep it in good condition and to keep it special.

(Bored yet???)

And our dining room. Notice the fireplace with one lone stocking. That one was bought during an after-Christmas sale last year and packed separately from the others... I suppose it'll be Erik's now...!!

(Almost done!! I promise!!)

These pathetic little figures are from two different Santa matryoshka sets that I bought when I was adopting Reese, and then Nikolai. Our precious dog Adam who died 2 months ago (sniff!!) chewed these little figures to BITS a couple of years ago. Because they were so special, I gathered up all the slivers of wood and spent HOURS gluing them back together while cursing his ancestors!! Obviously, I did miss some pieces, but it's as good as I could do. I was SOOOOOOO MAD at that dog for what he did, but now I treasure these pieces more than ever because they have his "mark" all over them. We miss Adam so much, as much trouble as he was! He was just so dumb he couldn't really be held responsible for all the trouble he was.

And some more little Russian figures. I think most of these were spared by Adam, except for the smallest Santa in the middle. You can see the crack down his left eye, poor little fella...

This was taken today of Erik, as he walked around with his walker. (His walking is REALLY getting good, along with other things - more on that later.) He is SUCH a good boy - he stood there for the longest time and just "talked" to the figures, but eventually, he reached up and tried to grab a little reindeer. I hollered "no" (I have to holler, with his horrible hearing), and he instantly stopped his reach and looked back to me like, "yikes!". A few minutes later he reached again, and stopped himself, and looked back at me to see if I saw him. What a good boy!!! I just love him soooooo much!!

Well, that's all the show-and-tell for today. Hope you liked it!! Mom and Gram, I hope you aren't crying or anything...


Amy L said...

Your house looks beautiful! I especially love the Russian Christmas nesting dolls, chewed or not.:) I wish Caleb would listen that well, I put the tree up yesterday and have had to stop him from hitting the tree with trucks, spitting pretzels into the tree and throwing toys into to the tree! UGH!!!!

Shea said...

Cute pics! I want your recipe for your mashed potatoes

Mom said...

Well, now that I'm not bawling, I can write something! Since I won't be there for Christmas, it means a lot to see what your home looks like! Thanks! Your box is on the way so you'll have 2 more stockings to put up! I sure hope you can still find the ones you "misplaced"...I didn't say lost! Thanks for the pics!!

NDMom said...


I LOVE having a glimpse into my online friends' lives. Not boring at all! Your house looks so festive and Erik is a cutie! We are truly blessed, aren't we?

Love, Bella's Mama

Kisha said...

Awe, your kids are adorable!

Milena said...

Thank you for letting me have a look into your home! I was not bored at all, I totally enjoyed my guided tour! Your home looks very nice!

Could Erik please give my youngest son private lessons in how to behave?

Missy, if you painted that oil painting yourself, you really have talent! It is so pretty! And it has a Russian touch - maybe it's the birches!

So, now I've spent today's share of exclamation marks :-)

Meredith said...

Thanks for the peek! Erik is adorable as usual :) I hope you all had a great time Friday. I'm still bummed, but glad we didn't go bc the kids are already sick... again... :(

soontobemomof9 said...

Missy, the more you post about yourself, the more alike I realize we are! :)

Does "Santa Paws" come for your dogs like he does my dogs and cats? The kids get very upset if he doesn't!

Love your tree, and love pics of all of you... esp. Erik! Thanks for including the pic of you. It's nice to see "MOM" once in a while on a blog huh? I hate pictures of myself too... but at least other people enjoy them! :)

Missy said...

Gosh, I can't believe how many comments I got on this blog post! I thought it would really be boring to most!!!

As for "Santa Paws" DEFINITELY Santa comes for our dogs!! In fact, we had a whole collection of stockings from past pets that we always hung up, even though they aren't with us anymore. Unfortunately, those stockings got lost along with the others...

Carmen said...

My son LOVES mashed potatoes, also! He could live on them. I LOVE the picture of Daisy digging in. So cute!

Molly said...

Love it!! I looooove potatoes. I found the most amazing smashed golden skins at a place near me and I'm in lurve.

I love that Erik talks to the ornaments. We won't have my christmas tree up until I get home from school, which is the 21st :-(. there is nothing I love more than sitting in the living room, nightitme, lights on the tree on, lights in the house off. It's so beautiful!

Molly said...

oh and all the animals in our house have stockings! This will be George the Bunny's first christmas!

Ashleypmo said...

Missy!!! Your boys are so handsome. Love the pics of Erik.

And I think having a special needs whippet might put you right up there with me, the crazy-llama-lady....;-)

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