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- Mother Teresa

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I am the proud mom to 6 kids: Natasha, 24, Nikolai, 20, Reese, 20, Maylee, 14, Erik, 10 and Violet, 7. The kids come from Russia, Ukraine and China; I'm so proud of my family sometimes I think I'll burst and I needed an outlet for it - so I've created this weblog. :o)
If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.
- Mother Teresa

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Saturday, February 27, 2010
I saw this on a friend's blog and at first I thought, "Ugh, this is so long" when I looked at the timer, but once I started listening, I couldn't stop! It sums up the Message so nicely and I hope that you'll sit back and enjoy watching it. :o) I hope it blesses you like it did me.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010
If I can't have a real daughter, I want a dog daughter.

Now, don't get me wrong: I have a real human daughter, but she just doesn't like any of us anymore and won't have anything to do with any of us. And I have a dog daughter, but though I'm the one who picked her out, bought her, trained her, got up twice every night to let her go potty when she was a baby, taught her every trick in the book and bought all of her dresses for her, she STILL loves her daddy the best. I want to adopt ONE MORE child - a girl - but Mark votes no.

SO! Mark got tired of all of my whining, I guess, because he bought me a new puppy!! We've been researching breeds for a LONG time, now (one of my favorite things!) and decided that the best breed for us would be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel . We looked at tons of websites (can websites be measured by the ton?) and Mark found a breeder that he really liked, called Double K Cavaliers . He spoke to the "mom" of the dogs and felt comfortable enough around her to decide to buy one of her pups when they came available! He picked out "Emily", and here she is!!

I believe she was a day old when this (above) was taken. Can you say PRECIOUS?!?!?!

A side view. Look at her precious little red nose!!

This one is Mark's very favorite! Poor little thing looks terrified to have left her nest with her mama and brothers and sisters!! Can't you just hear her crying...?!? I'm thinking that she was a week old when this was taken...

This picture cracks me up! See the pup that's still feeding? That's Emily!! All the other pups are done eating and she's still going for it - she'll fit in perfectly around here!! LOL

And here she is at 2 weeks old!
Look how she's filling out! And her red nose is filling in. Doesn't she look SOFT?!?! Oh, how I WISH I could snuggle with her!!

Look what a CHUNK she is!!

She's got a really cool birthday, too: 2/10/2010.

I'm sure I'll be putting up new pictures as the breeder sends them to me!


Any ideas on names? Right now, my favorite is "Mary" (I know too many dogs named "Emily", though I love that name!). Help!!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010
Today was such a BEAUTIFUL spring-like day that I really wanted to do something outside. Reese was at the SPCA doing some volunteer work, Mark was resting, and so Erik, Nikolai and I decided to go for a drive out a little past Titusville to the Black Point Wildlife Drive on Merritt Island (near the beach).

It was sooooo nice out there, and though I didn't bring the right lens for my camera (grrrr...!!) I did get some nice pictures. I couldn't get the captions feature on One True Media to work this time, so I'll have to explain what the pictures are of:

The first bird that you will see is the Great Egret (it's white, and flying). This one is my favorite, and I see them all over the place around here. They are very tall all-white birds with very, very long, skinny necks. It's also in the very last picture.

The pinkish birds are roseate spoonbills. They are like a combination of a duck and a flamingo! When they are in the water, their pink is rather dull, but with a darker pink stripe. When they fly or stretch their wings, however, their pink is BRILLIANT!!!

One huge gray and white bird that is pictured toward the end is an Anhinga. These birds don't have oil on their feathers to keep them waterproof (or something), so they open their wings wide to the wind so that they can air dry. Unfortunately, the picture that I took didn't turn out too great, but it was still cool, so I put it in here.

The picture at :43 is of several roseate spoonbills in the foreground. Behind them is a marsh, and behind that in the back, is the Vehicle Assembly Building where the Space Shuttle is housed. Cool, huh?

I was hoping to get out of there without seeing an alligator (I am NOT a fan of alligators), but nope. Didn't. The view of this one was so spectacular though, that I couldn't help get out and take a picture. I'm guessing he was 8 - 10 feet long. A big 'un!!

Hope you like my slideshow and enjoy the beautiful scenery here in east central Florida. :o)

Thursday, February 11, 2010
Poor angel has been asleep for 12 hours straight (and counting) but when I checked on him this morning, there was you-know-what in his crib. (SIIIIIIICK!!!)

What IS the procedure for taking a Sick Day, anyway??

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Pride. Yeah, I'll admit I've had some pride. Not in a whole lot of areas, but certainly in one area: sick kids.


Ever since adorable little Natasha bounced into my world when she came home at age 5 1/2 I have enjoyed good health with my kids. Colds? Okay, but they've been minor. Flu? NEVER. 24 hour bug? Yeah, but usually they were better in 4 hours. A fever? Nope!! Strep?? Are you kidding??? I think Reese has thrown up once, but he did it right in the toilet and hardly complained. Yes, I've had pride. I am such a good mom that my kids are 100% healthy.

But I digress...

Today when I collected Erik from the bus, I put him directly in the van to go to Wal-Mart. Poor little bugger was tired. He did scream off and on all the way to Wal-Mart, but I figured he was just tired (though he hardly ever screams for no reason). Then I wondered if his tummy hurt. Poor little fella probably needed to poo. I put the window down and tried to distract him with the air in his face (he LOOOOOVES air/wind in his face!!). It sort of worked... We got to Wal-Mart and he looked rather stunned. Poor little guy, he's so tired from his big Valentine party at school today! Should I give him a nap or try and keep him up until bedtime...? Something to think about.

I bought stuff here and there, and spent quite awhile looking at paint for the kitchen. Erik was quiet, but okay. Just really tired, poor moppet.

We got to the grocery area and I got a bunch of much-needed stuff. Poor little fella was really tired - he's usually not this cranky! He laid his head on the handlebar thing and I felt so sorry for him. I picked him up and cuddled him and heard a gutteral "uuuuurrrrr!!" and felt warm liquid shoot into my shoulder and down my chest as he started to cry. "Uuuuuuurrrrr!!!!" More puke went ALL over me, him and the floor. I sat him down on the floor. "Uurrrrr!!!!" MORE puke shot across the aisle, a disgusting mass of Spagetti-o's, banana and sweet potato.

"Reese!!!! Get some help!" --but Reese wasn't there!! He was still at school!! What was I to do?!?! I was COVERED in orange vomit, Erik was COVERED in orange vomit, the floor was COVERED in orange vomit - thank GOODNESS the food was okay!!!! I took off his jacket and tried to sop up as much of the stuff off of me as I could, then him. What was I to do?? How do people handle crises like this?!?! I was a "well kid" Mama, remember!?!?! I managed to put him in the basket again, and somewhat carefully rolled up the sickening jacket and told the produce guy who looked like he was going to pass out when he got a look at me. I sprinted over to the clothing area and grabbed the first shirt I saw - I didn't care what it looked like or what size it was - it said "Plus size" and that's all that mattered.

I asked the dressing room clerk if I could just simply change into this shirt and pay for it at check out. She looked at me and tried not to retch - I could see her stomach contract - and quickly (very quickly!) said yes! I left Erik and the cart in the check-in area and went in. I put the shirt on and it looked like I had painted it on. It was TIGHT! What happened to "Plus size"???? I for an INSTANT considered changing back into my shirt to go get a bigger one then almost laughed at myself. The thing was DRENCHED in puke. I'd wear the skin tight top.

(Note to self: big girls should NOT wear tops that look painted on. It's just NOT attractive.)

I quickly wheeled the cart to the front and didn't dare go into one of the regular aisles. Fortunately, the self-check aisles were open, with no waiting and I ran us through check out. I think I lost a gallon of milk somehow on the way to the car, but I didn't care - I wanted OUT of that place and I'm sure anyone following behind us who had a nose with nostrils wanted us out, too.

I have fallen, my friends. I have fallen off of a pedestal I'd set myself on for so many years. The pedestal of "My kids are never sick". Wherefore art thou, Pride?

The story ends less dramatically: we made it home after I stripped Erik almost naked in the parking area (much to his NOT delight) and drove home with the windows open (fortunately, it had warmed up enough that this was not as bad as it seemed). I dropped him immediately into the tub, then washed everything, including our orange-spattered shoes.

If you are looking for a picture to go with this story, you are disgusting - get off my blog.

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Monday, February 8, 2010
I have a petty confession about why I haven't put much on my blog lately: Mark is redoing the format of it, and in doing so, grabbed a couple of random pictures to put in the title as a trial. I saved out several new pictures for him to put in instead, but he didn't get around to it and now he's out of town! So please forgive the silly pictures of Adam and of the boys with their eyes closed in the above pictures! LOL (Looked again, didn't you? lol)

A "Reese" update first: Reese is in 9th grade and is LOVING school. He has ALWAYS loved school, and just really gets into it. He liked homeschooling as long as I wasn't working much and could do lots of stuff with him (and Nikolai) but for the past few years I have been working quite a lot more and just haven't been able to homeschool him properly, so much to his excitement and joy, I stuck him back in. And he loves it. He is very much wanting to work on the AA program that gives him both an AA degree and a high school diploma at the end of his senior year. He is very charged up about this. He just recently learned that the school has "Academies" and he is joining the "Business and Finance" academy, which is like an enrichment program with field trips and special projects. By the time the kid graduates, hard TELLING all that he'll be ready for!! I'm so proud of him and how *ambitious* he is!

Now, on to Erik: I got another note from his teacher today that was fun and I thought I'd share: "...Erik is progressing each day. After PT today, he came in and walked about 25 feet without holding on to anything. We've been getting him to walk mroe and more without holding on. He eats like a horse ;o) which we really love. He interacts well with the other students and seems to enjoy being here..." Fun, huh?? For about the last week or so, Erik's walking has really taken off!!! He will voluntarily let go of my finger or furniture and toddle over to wherever he wants to go (usually his spot at the table! lol)!! I think he is finally figuring out that walking is more efficient than scooting and you can see better! Today at the doctor's office (for an icky nose that hasn't quit) as I was standing there giving my c0-pay, he let go of my finger and toddled down the hallway back by the treatment rooms! It was so weird to have to go catch him!

I walked in the room from being outside and heard a strange noise. I asked Reese if he knew what it was, being near the noise and he said he didn't know. I turned the corner to see Erik RAKING HIS NAILS DOWN THE PANTRY DOOR!!! He did it again and again until I could scoop him up and make him stop!! I still have goosebumps on my arms!! WHAT A NOISE!!!

Mark is currently in Illinois enjoying (!!) the cold and snow! He is visiting his mom for her birthday and just sort of getting a break from the daily grind around here. I'd say "lucky dog", but I'm no glutten for punishment - I'll stay down here in the 60-degree weather!! Poor guy DID have to drive the bug, as I needed the van for the kids, and he's soooooo embarrassed! A cop gave him a look, and a truck driver actually took his picture!!! Poor Mark!! LOLOL

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010
I couldn't stand it. I HAD to know how my little baby was doing in school, so instead of waiting for her to contact me, I sent a note and simply asked how it was going. To my great joy, that same afternoon a note came home! Here's what it said:

Hi, Mrs. Taborn (it STILL feels weird being "Mrs. Taborn"! I was "Ms. Voigts for soooooo long! lol),

Erik has been doing very well. He has been trying to keep up with the other students by following them around (mostly scooting on his bottom, but he has been cruising more and more). Going over to where someone is playing and generally joining in play with another student. [Yay!!] He has been interacting very appropriately. [Another BIG Yay!!!] We are working with him on not throwing things and not taking things away from someone else. [Had to LOL at this - I can totally see him doing this!!!]

He hasn't slept at all, but he will stay on his mat or at least in the area of his mat during quiet time. He went once on the potty, so we will incorporate that into his daily routine [I mentioned that in my note to her, that he knows what a potty is.]. He seems to enjoy circle a great deal, he watches very intently as we are singing and performing the songs [I'll BET!! He LOVES singing!]. For OT and PT both therapists will walk him to and from their classrooms and keep him on his feet during their 30mins sessions.

Below is my e-mail, [etc., etc.]

Not bad for a first week in school!!! I hope they are enjoying him at school half as much as we are at home. He's such a cutie pie!!!

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