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- Mother Teresa

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Monday, February 8, 2010
I have a petty confession about why I haven't put much on my blog lately: Mark is redoing the format of it, and in doing so, grabbed a couple of random pictures to put in the title as a trial. I saved out several new pictures for him to put in instead, but he didn't get around to it and now he's out of town! So please forgive the silly pictures of Adam and of the boys with their eyes closed in the above pictures! LOL (Looked again, didn't you? lol)

A "Reese" update first: Reese is in 9th grade and is LOVING school. He has ALWAYS loved school, and just really gets into it. He liked homeschooling as long as I wasn't working much and could do lots of stuff with him (and Nikolai) but for the past few years I have been working quite a lot more and just haven't been able to homeschool him properly, so much to his excitement and joy, I stuck him back in. And he loves it. He is very much wanting to work on the AA program that gives him both an AA degree and a high school diploma at the end of his senior year. He is very charged up about this. He just recently learned that the school has "Academies" and he is joining the "Business and Finance" academy, which is like an enrichment program with field trips and special projects. By the time the kid graduates, hard TELLING all that he'll be ready for!! I'm so proud of him and how *ambitious* he is!

Now, on to Erik: I got another note from his teacher today that was fun and I thought I'd share: "...Erik is progressing each day. After PT today, he came in and walked about 25 feet without holding on to anything. We've been getting him to walk mroe and more without holding on. He eats like a horse ;o) which we really love. He interacts well with the other students and seems to enjoy being here..." Fun, huh?? For about the last week or so, Erik's walking has really taken off!!! He will voluntarily let go of my finger or furniture and toddle over to wherever he wants to go (usually his spot at the table! lol)!! I think he is finally figuring out that walking is more efficient than scooting and you can see better! Today at the doctor's office (for an icky nose that hasn't quit) as I was standing there giving my c0-pay, he let go of my finger and toddled down the hallway back by the treatment rooms! It was so weird to have to go catch him!

I walked in the room from being outside and heard a strange noise. I asked Reese if he knew what it was, being near the noise and he said he didn't know. I turned the corner to see Erik RAKING HIS NAILS DOWN THE PANTRY DOOR!!! He did it again and again until I could scoop him up and make him stop!! I still have goosebumps on my arms!! WHAT A NOISE!!!

Mark is currently in Illinois enjoying (!!) the cold and snow! He is visiting his mom for her birthday and just sort of getting a break from the daily grind around here. I'd say "lucky dog", but I'm no glutten for punishment - I'll stay down here in the 60-degree weather!! Poor guy DID have to drive the bug, as I needed the van for the kids, and he's soooooo embarrassed! A cop gave him a look, and a truck driver actually took his picture!!! Poor Mark!! LOLOL

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Amy L said...

What a cool pic of Erik walking!! I think you owe Mark BIG TIME!! LOL!

Mom/Gram said...

Boy would I have loved to see that truck driver taking a picture of Mark!! Poor fella! It will keep him humble!! Glad Erik is walking so much and of course Reese is quite the dude!!

NDMom said...

Love to read updates on your family! Reece is quite the handsome young man! Yay on Erik's walking; you guys are doing so great with him, there's no telling how far that little guy will go.

And, I LOVE your car. Especially the flowers....is it a convertible? Maybe I will have to hop on Allegiant Air sometime when the price is right and going cruising with you! Seriously!!!

Missy said...

LOL!! You'll have to hurry, because I think we are getting rid of it (too expensive to maintain). I'll admit I'll be sad to see it go...!

Kara said...

Hi Missy, My name is Kara Paulding and I saw that you posted a comment on Sam and Andy's blog. I didn’t know how to get in touch with you so I thought I would leave this comment. I found Sam and Andy on Reece's Rainbow and fell in love with them. My friend created the blog for them to try and raise awareness. I am very dedicated to keeping them together and off the streets. I don’t know a lot about the boys but I am working with their agency to find out everything I can. I do know that Andy (the older one) will be out of the orphanage in a few months and this breaks my heart. I can only imagine that Sam will run away at that point also, because I know they are adamant about staying together. I know we have an uphill battle on our hands, but I will not give up and I am willing to do whatever it takes. My husband and I are not able to adopt the boys ourselves but we can provide resources to help in their adoption. Please keep them in your heart.

Milena said...

Missy, my husband loves your car! He wants to go to Florida just to try your car :-)

And YAY for Erik's walking skills! He'll surprise you when it comes to achieving things!

And Reece is adorable as ever...

(BTW, your chocolate is on it's way across the Atlantic - I hope it arrives in time for Valentine's Day!)

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My family
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