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- Mother Teresa

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Saturday, May 8, 2010
Today was a fun day: Reese had a Little League game, and afterward I took Erik to the YMCA that has a GREAT pool area. I got him set up at the zero-depth entry area by the kiddie fountains and he was thrilled (no surprise there!). After a time, I got up and walked with him near the bigger fountains and he was a little overwhelmed, but in love. He found a spot by the edge in which to sit and I went back to my lounge chair to watch him. As I turned around to sit down and see how he was doing (man, my eye only left him for these few seconds the whole time we were there!), I saw him get knocked over by one of the big fountains. I jumped up and, in incredibly slow motion, ran through the pool, through the fountains (I was fully dressed!) and over to my boy, who was face down, and not moving the entire time I ran to him (several seconds which seemed like several minutes). There was a kid of around 10 or 11 right near Erik that I hollered at to get him, but the kid either didn't hear me or didn't comprehend what was going on. I eventually got to my precious son, still motionless, face down in the 2' water. Terrified, I grabbed him and pulled him out of the water and so I could see him!! He coughed, cried and gasped - he was okay! My legs went limp but I was able to check him over and carry him back over to the zero-depth area which was far safer for him, and he didn't leave that area for a SECOND until we left!! I don't know why the lifeguard didn't see anything, but he didn't. There is only one lifeguard for the whole pool, so I'm sure it is hard for him to scope out EVERYTHING all the time, and this happened within just a few seconds. But still...

After that excitement, we went and got him a new haircut! No, Amy L, it's not too short (I like it long, too!) but I think I made the lady so nervous last time with all of my picture taking that she didn't really do that good of a job - this lady this time did a great job. ;o)

I took many pictures today of Erik in the pool, but because it was so bright outside, I couldn't really see the settings on my camera and I ended up taking nothing but short, choppy stupid little videos!! I'll show you one, so you can see the set up of the pool area, but I warn you - you'll get a HORRIBLE shot of my legs at the end!!! I can't believe I'm posting this, and I hope my brother doesn't see it (I don't think he ever looks at my blog - whew!)!!

So it was a big day, and it's only 2:00!!


Jodi said...

I hate that feeling!

So glad he's ok :)

NDMom said...

Oh how scary! So glad he is ok! The same thing happened to us in AZ in a baby pool. Bella fell over in 18" of water and just laid there--like she didn't know how to get up. I always wondered how a toddler can drown in such shallow water...now we know!!! And, your legs look great (& tan).

Amy L said...

OMG! How scary! I can imagine how terrified you were!

Okay, fess up......how short is Erik's hair?? LOL!

Have a Happy Mother's Day Missy!!:)

Milena said...

How scary! It's the worst feeling, when you turn your head away for half a second and the world almost falls apart during that time :-( So glad Erik is fine now though!

MamaPoRuski said...

Oh how scary! So glad your mama instincts kicked in!

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My family
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Nikolai, 19

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