Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted
according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or
slow to do the humble work.

- Mother Teresa

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I am the proud mom to 6 kids: Natasha, 24, Nikolai, 20, Reese, 20, Maylee, 14, Erik, 10 and Violet, 7. The kids come from Russia, Ukraine and China; I'm so proud of my family sometimes I think I'll burst and I needed an outlet for it - so I've created this weblog. :o)
If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.
- Mother Teresa

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Monday, March 21, 2011

It being World Down Syndrome Day today, I wanted to brag a bit about my own little slice of Down Syndrome heaven: my little boy Erik! I want to share 21 things about him because his little extra chromosome is on the 21st set of chromosomes and that little extra one is what makes him special. :o)
  1. He's so stinkin' cute!
  2. His little laugh is contagious.
  3. Any kid who wears glasses is automatically cute.
  4. He says, "La la la" like no one else.
  5. He loves to cuddle with me on the bed and watch TV, lying his head against mine.
  6. He loves his family, especially his big brother Reese!
  7. He talks to his babydolls (sorry, Markie!).
  8. He is VERY easygoing and will go with you and do anything you want to do, willingly.
  9. If he gets mad, he gets over it in about 2 seconds.
  10. He's got a FABULOUS smile!
  11. He loves stuffed animals.
  12. He loooooooves music!!
  13. His daddy would say that he loves classical music best, and yes, it is true!
  14. His little toes are precious.
  15. He loves, loves, loves to look at books, which his mama loves!
  16. He loves kisses and hugs.
  17. He's very squooshy and cuddly.
  18. He has more fun in the bathtub than his best day at Disney or Universal Studios.
  19. He is gentle with the dogs, even if he lets them lick inside his mouth.
  20. He enjoys school, and eagerly meets the bus each day.
  21. He was made in the image of God.


Faith said...

That is beautiful, just like he is.

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My family
Nikolai, Mark, Missy, Reese, and Erik

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Nikolai, 19

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Reese, 19

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Erik, 9





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