Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted
according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or
slow to do the humble work.

- Mother Teresa

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I am the proud mom to 6 kids: Natasha, 24, Nikolai, 20, Reese, 20, Maylee, 14, Erik, 10 and Violet, 7. The kids come from Russia, Ukraine and China; I'm so proud of my family sometimes I think I'll burst and I needed an outlet for it - so I've created this weblog. :o)
If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.
- Mother Teresa

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One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody.
Mother Teresa

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Saturday, February 7, 2009
Homestudy paperwork, patients canceling appointments without telling me, dogs with upset bellies, kids needing to get to Youth Group on Wednesdays, piles of laundry, insurance hurry-up-and-wait issues (from the fire), dogs too cold to go potty outside (in 35 degree weather), dirty dishes in the sink, teenage boys' bedrooms that smell like locker rooms, shoes that suddenly fall apart, what to make for supper tonight?, not enough soap in the shower... these are the hectic things that make up a typical week in our house. Often I feel like a hamster in a wheel, running, running, running, but getting no where. But then...

I spent $123 at JCPenny and bought nothing but things that were 75 - 90% off! Mark got some $60 Haggar shirts for $6, the boys got clothes for school, we got new throw pillows for the bed, I got some unmentionables, Simon got some new adorable little one-piece outfits, and I walked out of there with three BULGING bags of stuff for $123!

Also, this week three patients called the office to comment on how sweet I was and how I was like sunshine coming in their door! THAT was nice!!!!

And little Daisy got a new sweatshirt "hoodie" because it's been so cold here, and she looks so cute that I just can't help but giggle with love when I see her.

Reese is going to try for a dual enrollment course when he gets to high school next year so that he'll graduate not only with a high school diploma, but ALSO with an AA degree! He is so motivated I know he will go far in this world. It's not even that he's so *smart*, but he tries, and tries, and tries, and has very high goals for himself and isn't afraid to do the work that it takes to get there. Plus, he's just a sweet and lovable kid.

And Nikolai's my little house-cleaner. Each evening after supper, Mark and the boys VERY graciously clean up the kitchen! I bring my dishes to the sink and leave. Usually, it's Nikolai that does the bulk of the cleaning and he does a great job! Thanks, Nik!!!

Mark is my cuddle-bunny. No, he's not my child, he's my husband! ha But he is so cuddly and loving and warm and sweet, I don't know what I ever did without him.

Adam and Ellie remain silly and busy, but I dearly love them both. Adam is still (at 6 y.o.) very much like a toddler and I love that about him! Ellie (at 7 y.o.) is still very bossy and "alpha" over the other dogs, but she is getting sweeter in her old age. We think she may be sick, though, as she's been acting a bit strange... I hope there's nothing wrong.

So even though life gets hectic and often seems overwhelming, there is so much good there. So many ways to be happy and appreciate everyone in our family. Everyone contributes, everyone loves the other, and everyone helps the other. We are an unusual family, but God pieced us together as only He can do, and we think that's pretty neat.

So even if I'm a hamster in a wheel, running, running... God often picks me up out of my cage, gives me a cuddle and a treat, and sets me gently back in it; always reminding me that even if I'm feeling overwhelmed at times, I know that things are truly ...GOOD.


Christine said...

Keep pressing along! I would love to travel together to Kramatorsk!

schoolmother said...

I can relate to the hamster wheel idea!! Thanks for reminding me to look for the good, too. Like one day I was grumbling as usual while picking up stuff my kids had strewn all over, and God reminded me I could pray for each one as I pick up something belonging to them. Boy, would my kids ever get a lot of prayer if I consistently followed this good idea!! Joy

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My family

My family
Nikolai, Mark, Missy, Reese, and Erik

Nikolai, 19

Nikolai, 19

Reese, 19

Reese, 19

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Erik, 9





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