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- Mother Teresa

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Saturday, August 8, 2009
I can't wait to get back to the States and have little Gabe evaluated. I really want the opinion of therapists who have experience with pedes - I don't have much. To me, though, he seems to be globally on a 12 - 18 mo. level. He'll be 5 next week (we need to watch the dates so we don't miss it - we keep losing track of time!). He is sooooo delayed in so many areas, it's so sad. But I do see signs of potential that are very encouraging to me: For example, he LOVES to look at stuff. Flashing lights, pictures in books, photos, toys. When he looks at books, he looks at EVERY picture before losing interest. He loves people and loves to interact. He enjoys being outside and going for walks and enjoys looking around. He seems to WANT to learn stuff. His eye contact is so-so. He will make eye contact, but only for short periods of time. He likes physical contact a lot - likes to be tickled, held, touched. Likes to hold hands. He doesn't initiate much, though: he doesn't usually reach for stuff, but often just lets you hold it by yourself. He doesn't initiate walking, but if you take his hand and guide him, he'll walk with support. When he goes in a stroller, he doesn't lift his feet up to put them in the "slots", but lets you do it for him. When he eats (such as the cookie episode below) he just opens his mouth - does not reach for the food. No doubt, these are the results of not being allowed to do much, and he should improve in time. I do see lots of potential with him, as I've said. It will just take time. Hopefully others in our situation have seen the same thing and can encourage me. I really want to just get him home. It's hard visiting in the orphanage where there are so many rules, and eyes, and nothing is ours or familiar. Oh, well. It's part of the process.

Our visit went much better this morning, as morning visits go. We mostly just sat and looked at books, but he was MUCH more animated than other mornings, which is encouraging. Afternoons are always wild, but this is our first "happy" morning visit! Mark even tried his hand at discipline, telling him "No" when he kept throwing the book that we were looking at. ;oP It helped!!

That's all for now. Our afternoon visit is in a couple of hours. -oh, and we went to the market today, like a big flea market. Bought some clothes for Peter at ridiculous prices, and Mark got some really nice sneakers (desperately needed!) for $25. It was very interesting. Raw meats, cheeses, eggs and breads out in the open at room temperature, etc. It was fun shopping, though. Mark also got some sunglasses for around $2.50. Amazing. There were also puppies and kittens for sale. There were two dachsund pups that were PRECIOUS that the guy was selling for $40 each. Purebred dachsunds. Wow.

Gotta run and let Mark on the computer for now. Hopefully later I'll have more pictures to share. I can't do videos yet because of the computer, but after I get home I'll share some. Bye!

(BTW, keep the comments coming, please! They are a lifeline to me!)


1blueapple said...

I am confident that once you get him home he will change so much you will wonder why you worried in the first place! he sounds like a person that has been asleep for a long time and has realized that there is a world out there.
I recognize so many of the things you say he does that my own son did! At least he laughs, right! He probably has not had much to laugh at before you came into his life. what progress already!

Jane Smith said...

Glad to hear you are getting a lot of tme with him and that his mornings are getting better! He will improve SO much and sounds like he's on his way to doing that all ready! Patience my dear daughter, patience!! Love ya!

soontobemomof9 said...

He sounds alot like what my Yana may be like. Though she is reportedly standing on her own now! I will be so interested in how he is at home. He continues to ahve my heart, what a sweet little face!!! Praying for you!!!

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