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Friday, September 25, 2009
Except that I'm now working 6 half-days a week, so really tomorrow is Friday!

We are having a blast with Erik. He is sooooo funny! He gets so excited about everything, and everything is so exciting! He gestures wildly and makes a million faces. The woman who runs Reece's Rainbow, where we found him, told us (long before we got him) that he "has personality coming out of his ears"! How she knew this I don't know, but she was RIGHT! He's so happy and fun!

This week has been busy for him: he went to get screened for services for the school system (in 6-8 weeks he'll receive formal evals, then 6-8 weeks after THAT, he'll get his IEP meeting). He also went to the dentist! He did NOT enjoy this visit but did well considering and his teeth are a brilliant white, now he had no cavities!! Parents, MINIMIZE the sugar you give your kids!! Erik did not have one session of teeth-brushing (nor did my other kids before they came home) but he (and the others) did not have one cavity!! Simply amazing!!! Now, we have to brush his teeth and that is a huge deal every night, but once it's over we simply sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and he's instantly happy and animated again. An interesting fact was that, because he doesn't chew his food, but simply mouths it and swallows (from always having pureed food), he had tartar on his molars on the "bumpy" surfaces! Kind of weird, huh? I never thought of that before!

He also saw the Ophthalmologist (on the same day, no less!). A much nicer experience, though he did hate having the drops in his eyes for the pupil dilation. He is quite nearsighted (no surprise) and needs glasses! So we will be ordering some, and want to use these guys for his frames. Trying to figure out how to get them ordered right now. I think he's going to be so cute with them on!

Today, he, Mark and I are going to my office as they are giving us a shower! Isn't that sweet? I've never had a shower for any of my kids, and I'm not real sure what to think! I brought Erik in once this week for a quick visit and he woo'ed them all and they are all in love. ;o) So we'll head out here shortly.

I guess that's my update! Sorry, no new pictures! Maybe this weekend. :o) It's Kennedy Space Center's free weekend for Brevard county residents and we may go up there with him (not that he'll get anything out of it, but he likes to "go").



Christine said...

Thanks for the update! What a nice thing for your co-workers to throw you a shower!

Bianca said...

Hi Missy! You know what, brushing was also my daughter's problem before. I had a hard time convincing her to brush her teeth after meals, and nursery rhymes didn't seem to work. Thinking that I couldn't do anything about it anymore, I brought her to our family dentist (Las Vegas-based). The dentist told her, with matching photos, the things that will soon happen to her teeth if she doesn't brush. Seeing the images, my daughter cried. Well, I guess she had to learn that lesson in Las Vegas. Family dentistry was the solution after all.

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My family
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