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Sunday, September 20, 2009
We made it to the beach today! I didn't even bring my big camera, either! Just my little one, which means we were there for fun, not for fashion. ;o)

It was just Reese and Erik and me today.

Erik sat on the sand and instantly attacked it. He thought it was great! He squeezed it in his hand, talked to it, then started STUFFING IT IN HIS MOUTH!!! I was busy taking pictures of Reese who was way out in the water and when I glanced back at Erik, this is what I saw:
Ack!! He grabbed another handful and stuffed IT into his mouth, too!!! I said, "No, no, Erik!" and put his hand down from his mouth and I got THIS reaction:
LOL!!! This is his fake cry that he can bring on and quit at will. Gets no sympathy at all from me, though it works on Daddy!! LOL

So I took him into the surf and he loved it, but I didn't get any pictures because I couldn't take pictures and keep my hands on him, but maybe next time. He is not at all afraid of the water splashing in his face or anything, though once when he got nailed in the face he yelled, I think, because of the taste of the salt water! He had such a good time!!

Here is Reese, having a ball jumping the waves:
And look! There was another amputee hanging out on the same stretch of beach as us - Reese can find a friend WHEREVER he goes!! This guy was nice, and recommended a prosthetist in Orlando who is known for not asking for the 30% that insurance doesn't pay, which is an issue with us - $500 co-pay plus 30% of $18,000 for two legs adds up to be a LOT!!! I'll give the prosthetist a call tomorrow - apparently this guy even has designed a suspension system of his own that is really good - the guy had it and showed it to us.
So it was a fun day!! We got home, had baths (how can so much sand fit inside of clothes and in body crevices???) and Erik's taking a nap (I think he's actually SLEEPING today!). Here are a couple of extra pictures from today, in no particular order: ;op
Where's Waldo? If you look really close, you can see Reese's hand!! (The "little" one)
Somebody pull the blinds!!
Suppose he finally figured out that sand is nasty to eat? Nope!! He kept eating after this picture was taken!! Good thing sand won't hurt him!!

"Can we come back again next Sunday?"


Amy L said...

Ewwwwwww! That ranks right up there with eating playdoh!!
Looks like everyone had a good time!!

Michelle said...

Hi Missy,
I love the beach pictures! :)
I wondered, did you see Olga while you were at Antoshka and were you able to make any additional pictures of her?
We were there right after the "new law" had taken effect and the legal guy would not allow Anatoli to allow us to take any pictures of anyone except Mary :(

I'm sorry we couldn't visit while in Cocoa Beach, we laid low and hung out as a family, something we were needing after a busy start to the school year...

so glad your family is doing well, love your boy's smiling face :) :)

Christine said...

Love that cute little faker cry face. How did you manage to get that pic? Too cute.

Missy said...

Michelle, check your e-mail box for loads of pictures of darling Olga!

Christine, I love that picture of him crying! It's easy to predict - he gets this *look* on his face and you know he's going to start to wail! It's hilarios, too, because it only last about 5 seconds and he's completely done. LOL!

soontobemomof9 said...

What a character! He is so adorable! ... looks like a great day!

Milena said...

Ah, wonderful beach pictures! Makes me really wonder why I live in the North..... I'll dream about next summer!

Rich, Andrea, Reece & Owen said...

Too cute! And love the "pro mom" that comes out when describing Erik's fake cry! lol

Molly said...

ok random question but do you know anyone who is looking for a wheelchair adapted van? A friend is selling her fathers, and it's got hand control and whatnot. They're in chicago

Molly said...

lol on the fake crying. I worked with a little boy who would cry and we'd say "are you crying for real or for fake?" and he'd say "fake!" and stop. hehe.

also, sandddd. ewww. Oh erik. What a cutiepie

Lauren said...

Scott Rigsby is a double amputee who would probably love to hear from Reese, and the story of his new little brother. I'm a HUGE fan of Scott's and of Reece's Rainbow (hope to bring a few kids home one of these days, God willing!). Look up "Scott Rigsby" on the internet. He's awesome!

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