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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Magdalena, who graciously blogs for Nadya over at http://nadyaneedsalovingfamily.blogspot.com/ gave me this blog award yesterday. I've never been given an award before, and I hope I do it right!!

There are two rules to accepting the award:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs.Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I might duplicate a couple of blogs, but I'll try not to! If I do, and you've already received an award, then just consider yourself doubly blessed!

First of all, back to Magdalena's blog. She advocates hard for a little girl who has touched her heart in a special way: Nadya in Eastern Europe. Nadya has some special needs but is doing great and will make someone a VERY special daughter!! She really needs a home fast, and Magdalena is doing her best to help her out. Magdalena would adopt her herself, but she can't as she lives in Sweden and laws there make it very hard for her to do that. So instead of adopting her herself, she is doing what she can to help someone ELSE adopt her! A big heart has this woman!!

The next would be Debbie's blog: http://jerdebwalker.blogspot.com/ . I enjoy Debbie's wit so much and I often laugh out loud at some of the funny things her kids say! I feel a connection with Debbie because she has a child with limb differences, as do I. Also, she's adopted from Ukraine, and so have I! She lives in Seattle, and so did I, and she has a heart for the older kids, as do I!! Gosh, I didn't realize all those similarities until I started typing them out!

Another favorite is Christine's blog: http://smilesandtrials.blogspot.com/. I especially enjoy Christine's adoption because she adopted two of her kids from Erik's orphanage! We were even hoping to travel together as she adopted her son Alex, but she was able to travel first, and we didn't get to meet. I believe we were in Kiev for a few hours at the same time, but we didn't have time to get together. BUMMER!! It's fun to know someone who is so familiar with Erik's orphanage. She has a dozen or so kids, and is such a great mom!

And Leah's: http://blessingsfromabroad.blogspot.com/ . I like Leah's blog because not only is she a very sweet woman with a very big heart, but she's adopting THREE little ones from Ukraine!!

Amy is over at: http://justamomofseven.blogspot.com/ . I like Amy because not only did she adopt from the same country as I did for Erik, but she adopted two of the cutest ones!!!! They sound like a handful, but she is the right mom for them and I love to read of their escapades!

Not only is Michelle one of my favorite bloggers at: http://fromnctoukraine.blogspot.com/ because she adopted from Ukraine, but she adopted from Erik's orphanage like Christine did! Her little girl, Mary, is the same age as Natasha was when I got her from Russia, and it has been really fun reading her blog and remembering my first year with Nat, as well. :o) Mary is just as cute and funny as she can be and there's always a story!

These people are extremely special people!!! They are the Loux's, and adopted 3 special needs kiddos from Ukraine. But not just regular special needs kiddos, these 3 REALLY needed homes and medical attention! http://louxfamilyblog.com/ If you have the time, I encourage you to read their whole blog, and even their old one, that documents their Ukraine trip. I have been blessed several times by Derek and his wife and continue to be blessed by them!!!

Amy L. is one of my very, very favorite Reece's Rainbow friends. I feel like she and I could be sisters! Her blog is here: http://amyandsons.blogspot.com/ Why do I feel like that? Well, besides being a Christian sister (as so many here are!) with EXTREMELY cute and wonderful boys, Amy is a single mom who has adopted twice from Russia!! (If you know me, you'll know that I was single for a million years and adopted thrice from Russia!) We also lean toward the boys! (She has 4, I have 3!) How I would LOVE to meet with her in person someday!! Please visit her blog - you will be blessed!!

Rhonda is a special friend of mine, as we share a heart for adopting the older kids overseas. Her blog is here: http://lovinglenablogspot.blogspot.com/ I remember watching a picture of a beautiful 14(??) year old girl on the RR website and wishing so much I could go and get her, but it was not to be. Then, Rhonda and her family stepped forward and saved her from a life of ...well, you know. Not only is Lena a wonderful girl who is doing well making her way into the busy and complicated life as an American, but she has several other older kids who were adopted. Rhonda has a wonderful heart and is a wonderful mom!

The Malones are also a very special family, kind of similar to the Loux's, as mentioned above. They adopted 2 little ones from Ukraine, one being very special needs, both with DS. They are a very dedicated Christian family and I have been blessed many times by Chris's thoughtful posts!!

The Dickensons are actually neighbors of the Malones, and if I remember correctly, the Malones are the ones who told the Dickensons about the need of DS adoption overseas! The Dickensons are such a wonderful family, I can't begin to tell you: they have two older kids who just look like GREAT kids, and two very, very cute little kids with DS!! They homeschool, and took their two older ones to Ukraine with them!! (Cool!!)

The Harp Happenings is the only blog here on this list that is not an adoption blog!! (Sorry!!) But Carmen is such a neat, neat lady: she is one of several therapists (I think she's a Speech Therapist!) that has visited Erik's orphanage and given them Aid!! She met Erik once or twice and even gave me a picture of him, which of course, was treasured!! She also has a DARLING Italian Greyhound, and her posts of Sadie (the IG) are just so funny!!! I never met a dog lover that I didn't like. :o)

Well, it's time for supper. I didn't quite make 15 blog awards, but I tried!! Time is scarce around here, to be sure...!!

Congrats to all of my nominees and thank you, Magdalena, for the award that you gave to ME!


Milena said...

Missy, Thank you! I'm blushing.

Really, I'm not worthy of such praising! So many other do a lot more than I do, like you, and are fantastic bloggers too. Though I get very happy that you find the little I do to be a good thing!

- I'm blogging for Nadya; to help her find a family -

Carmen said...

Awww, thanks, Missy! So sweet of you to think of me. Yes, I am a speech therapist - you got it right! And, I DO love my Sadie! But, you're right, no adoption for me. I'll just go love on them before you guys come to get them. :)

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