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- Mother Teresa

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Monday, November 16, 2009
Remember this??

Since I've had to go back to work nearly full-time and since Mark is sick so much, Reese has been hired to watch Erik for 2-3 hours per day (he homeschools online, and Nikolai goes to school). This has done WONDERS for their relationship!! Reese has learned how to spoon feed (Erik can't feed himself yet and he doesn't chew yet so everything has to be mushy), how to change a diaper, how to change Erik's clothes when they get dirty and how to put him down for a nap! He plays with him, and just does an all-around great job!! He also knows every single Sesame Street character and has rekindled his forgotten friendship with Elmo! Besides LOVING the money he's making, he has become one of Erik's very favorite people. See?

It's SO nice to see such a strong relationship being built between these two!! Reese heads back to "institutional" schooling in early January, and hopefully Erik can start Pre-K in late January, so their special time together will end. But this time that they have together will be a great "jumping off" place and I'm so happy they have it!!

Now, we just need to get Nikolai to show an interest in Erik! I think Nik has barely touched him 3 or 4 times since Erik came home September 2. Maybe someday.


Amy L said...

I love Reece's expression in the top photo. He's like "Uh, okay....now what?"
They look like they have really bonded. Isn't it great to have older brothers to help?:)

Milena said...

Since the age gap between Reese and Erik is rather big, they will need to work on their bonding through other ways than playing together like small children do. So this one-on-one time together will surely do wonders for their present AND future relationship as brothers! How wonderful!

Have you any idea why Nikolai acts the way he does? It might be normal teenage behaviour; not all teenagers care a lot about small children. However, he might feel jealous or left out or less capable. Reese seems to be wonderfully open and sure of himself, maybe Nikolai needs some encouraging? Or just some time alone with you?

Missy said...

Hi, "Milena"! Unfortunately, Nikolai is not a very loving person by nature. He has attachment issues and pretty much as always kept to himself. He shows affection to the dogs, but really has not shown affection to anyone ever since I've known him. It's really very sad. He likes Erik, and watches him closely, but just doesn't want to touch him - it's just not in his nature to be that way. (If he accidentally touches you somehow, he always apologizes.) It's made it hard for us to bond with HIM, because he resists any of that kind of thing. He could use prayer. He's 15 and is a pretty sad person. He doesn't have friends, is very poor at school, refuses therapy so that his legs are getting worse all the time, and his relationship with us his family gets worse all the time...

Others have mentioned that maybe he is jealous of Erik, but issues with him have been going on for a LONG time and it doesn't have anything to do with Erik. He actually likes him - just keeps his distance.

Thank you for the kind thoughts, though!

Milena said...

Oh Missy! I get so sad, reading about Nikolai. Having no friends would make anyone sad, as with being poor in school. I guess inside himself he is sad. I suppose you have had him checked up for having a depression? Does he show empathy even if he doesn't show affection?

Though it's good it hasn't anything to do with Erik and that he actually likes him. Who knows, it might be Erik who "opens him up", since he is so little and helpless? How does Nikolai react if Erik needs help with something and he is closest by Erik? Will he help him?

I'll be quiet now, you know him best and I'm only guessing!

I will definitely pray for Nikolai!

- I'm blogging for Nadya; to help her find a family -

Molly said...

Ok, so I have a question. How is it that BOTH your teenagers, despite being about 6 years younger than I am, both look older than me? lol

Quick question? What is instiutional schooling?

Missy said...

Hi, Molly!

If you could see Nikolai, you'd not think that he was older than you! He is very short, only about 4'8". His face looks very mature, though!

As for "institutional" schooling, that's just my name for going to school in a building with other masses of kids, rather than homeschooling. ;o) Sorry for the confusion!!

Molly said...

ah yes, height. I'm 5'2 which I think accounts for some of why I'm often mistaken for a 15 year old. Those pictures of Reece and Erik are just darling. your boys are all so handsome!

I babysit for a two year old and I find myself with a new love of all things sesame street. haha. I totally remember all the songs from my childhood!

Honestly, I wish I was able to homeschool when I was in middle/high school.

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