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- Mother Teresa

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm not a screamer, but I let out a whopper this morning!!!

As usual, I woke up waaaaay too early. I dragged myself into the shower, with eyes partially open, clutching the walls for support. I got into the shower and noticed something brown and possibly out of place. I didn't care. Where was my shampoo. I tried to see the thing again, but couldn't tell what it was. Without my glasses, I'm really blind. I squinted, but couldn't tell. It looked like an upside down small brown resin figure that might sit in a flower pot or something. I squinted again, but couldn't make it out. Where's the soap.

Finally, I thought, I have to see what that is. Did it fall from the ceiling or shower head? No, it's way too big, and nothing is brown here. Yaaaaawn!! What the heck is that brown thing? Eyes half closed, I reached for it. It was squishy and warm and it JUMPED out of my hand through my fingers, with one foot sticking to the side of my thumb as it went airborne!!! I SCREEEEEAMED!!!

Now, if you know me, you'll know that I'm a tomboy. Grew up playing with frogs, toads, tadpoles, turtles, anything that our Louisiana city provided. But I'm sorry. This was one of those Mexican tree frogs that I DETEST. They STICK and they STRETCH and they are NAS-TY!!! As soon as I let out my scream, though, I knew Mark would stumble out of bed thinking the worst, and I knew he has been having some rough MS days lately, so I quickly yelled, "I'm okay!! I'm okay!! Stay in bed!! It's just a frog!!" or something of that matter.

Somehow I finished my shower with the thing watching me and came out dripping, shivering, and clutching my towel, and frantically told him my story. He couldn't believe it. A frog?? How did it get in there? I got the camera, took a picture and proved it. Was he laughing? No. Was he? No. Better not be!!! Maybe later he can laugh, but not yet.

"Are you laughing???"

Better not be.


Amy L said...

Sorry, but I'm laughing!!!!!
This is too funny!:)

Lyndi said...

Missy, I'm with Amy, laughing pretty hard actually :) Sorry you had such a rough start to your morning, but thanks for the laugh!

soontobemomof9 said...

Laughing here too! And joining the EEEWWWWW also!

Missy said...

Okay, so it's early afternoon and I'm pretty much over my terror. I can pretty much laugh about it now!! LOL

BUT! The CREEPY thing now is that the frog is no where to be seen!!! That's worse than knowing where it is!! LOL

Milena said...

But you know, the poor thing was heading for a shower, just like you :-) What's a nice cleanly frog to do? Maybe Mrs. Frog told him he smelled bad? :-)

No, honestly I normally find frogs really cute, but if you say this was a nasty kind I'll believe you. And I'm pretty blind without my glasses too which gives me some surprises now and then too.

(When I was younger I used to leave my glasses off and only wear them in class or at the cinema. I was equally short-sighted back then, but I found it relaxing having the world around show up as a blur. Less stimulation. If I found something interesting, I could always have a closer look. That's how weird I was. Sorry, totally off topic).

Missy said...

Okay, quick follow up. The frog is NOT gone - I spotted it hiding between the shampoo bottle and the wall!! So NOW what do I do?? This is NOT one of the cute kinds of frogs that I readily will pick up - it's icky!!! I suppose I'll send Reese in there to get it for me. He'll be so proud to "save" me. ;op

Laura said...

How can you not laugh Miss. Wish I was there...screaming in terror is not something I've seen you do in the 20 years I've know you :)

Molly said...

ew ew ewwww. I'd scream too!

MA said...

Oh how gross!!!! I probably would have fainted instead of screemed but I must admit I DID laugh!! Hope Reese got it for you!! I wonder how it got in the bathroom! You better check around for openings in the bathroom! That is just too gross!!

Kelly said...

sorry...I'm laughing, I dare you to come her to CA to kick my butt. if you do you'd better bring Erik w/ you so I can meet him!!!

Kerry Shealy said...

Ewwww! I had one of those on my door when I got home the other night. I would have screamed, too, if he had been in my shower!

Melissa said...

Even though I knew what it was from the picture I still "screamed" (in a whisper) at the descripton. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

But, I must admit, now I'm laughing :) Ew, but still yuck! LOL

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