Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted
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slow to do the humble work.

- Mother Teresa

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I am the proud mom to 6 kids: Natasha, 24, Nikolai, 20, Reese, 20, Maylee, 14, Erik, 10 and Violet, 7. The kids come from Russia, Ukraine and China; I'm so proud of my family sometimes I think I'll burst and I needed an outlet for it - so I've created this weblog. :o)
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- Mother Teresa

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Saturday, October 31, 2009
Okay, I don't know how funny this story will come across on paper, but it was one of the funniest events that we've had so far with Erik:

The 3 boys and I went out for a casual supper at Denny's last night. We ordered this and that and everything was fine; nothing special. During a lull, my eye caught a slice of lemon on the table from someone's water, and seeing Erik in his usual extended-arm-with-palm-up posture that means, "give me something to eat), I asked the boys, "Should I let him try this lemon?"

Reese laughed and said, "No, Mom, he'll start screaming."

Laughing, I said, "I'm going to try it."

"Eeeeeeriiiiiik, do you want this leeeeeeemon???" Big eyes, and increased drooling. (Him, not me.)

I put a bit of it to his mouth and he took a tiny sip on it. OH, THE GROTESQUE FACE HE MADE!!! He let out a very soft but very high pitched scream, put his hands up and turned away!! Oh, my aching sides!!! We all just laughed and laughed!! I offered it again, and again with the soft Bee Gees falsetto scream, palms out and front in a defensive manner and grotesque face! I'm sorry, but it was FUNNY.

I waited a few minutes, and offered it again. He remembered and did the same thing!! Poor kid!! Once more, several minutes later, he was looking behind him and I put FOUR of them right in front of him, where his plate used to be. He turned around, gave that face again with the Bee Gee scream, and SWEPT them off the table with his hand!! By that time, I was laughing so hard, I knew that supper was over.

Know that this whole incident was as QUIET as can be!!! Never did Erik scream loudly (and believe you me, HE CAN SCREAM LOUDLY), and we didn't laugh loudly. I am really conscious of noise in restaurants, but we were really having fun and Erik was just so hysterical I couldn't help continuing in the tease.

IF ONLY I HAD A CAMCORDER, I would have loved to have shared it!!

Hopefully this story comes across as funny as it was in real life...


Lyndi said...

Ok, i think it is hysterical too. Maybe it's because I have done the same thing to Patrick?? I do it to all my kids though. It is so worth everything to see the "sour face" for the first time :)

MamaPoRuski said...

Precious memories! Our kids would eat the lemons, seeds and all without a face...

Milena said...

:-) I can imagine how you laughed! We gave our daughter lime sherbet when she was like six months old. She didn't like it, so to say. Now she eats lemon slices and says yum :-)
However, I do feel a little sorry for Erik too.....

Mom said...

Melissa Jane, you be nice to my g'son!!! Poor little fella!!

Kellsey said...

it's funny...we have done this lemon maneuver with all of our kids. LOL!!! When we first brought our Nick home from Russia he did that crazy face thing when we would give him ice cream. We dont think he ever had anything COLD. Next time...video please! Erik and your mom are precious together.

Kelly said...

That last comment was from me....i was at Renee's blog and forgot to sign out. duh!!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Pickles are our choice when we want to catch that first "sour" face:) I love seeing how Erik has changed since being home- you are all so blessed!!!!

June Berger said...

LOL, I can picture it, and it did bring a smile to my face! I also like to have the kids try new things, lemons and pickles always seem to be fun ;oP

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My family
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